ARC 3rd Grade

3rd Grade Initiatives


3rd Grade Fractions Medium Cycle Assessment
The team developed a comprehensive medium cycle assessment that covers all third grade fraction math standards.  The team's vision and purpose of the assessment is for teachers to administer midway through a fractions standards unit or teaching, use results to adjust instruction accordingly, and re-administer at the end of the unit for summative as well as formative purpose (if additional reteach still needed).  Please see your third grade ARC representative for information and access to the assessment.  Assessment developed by ARC Team in Meeting #5 on 5/13/19 and revised in Meeting #6 on 9/30/19.


While continuously taking input from sites, as well as using state frameworks and standards along the way to cite rationale for any revisions, the team worked collaboratively to revise grade level areas of their report card.  Click the link above to view their progress so far.
 See meeting notes for citations, and ask your ARC representative for details.

3rd Grade Meeting Notes