Kindergarten Initiatives


Kindergarten Analytic Rubric
Analytic rubric intended to drive/adjust instruction or summative purpose for specific skills in kindergarten.  Kindergarten ARC Team approved at Meeting #6 9/16/19.

Kindergarten Analytic Rubric (Black and White)

Holistic vs. Analytic Rubric Graphic
Visual with clear criteria explaining the differences and purposes for holistic rubrics (i.e., District Writing) and analytic ones.  Kindergarten ARC Team approved graphic at meeting #6 9/16/19.


Report Card DRAFT
While continuously taking input from sites, as well as using state frameworks and standards along the way to cite rationale for any revisions, the team worked collaboratively to revise grade level areas of their report card.  Click the link above to view their progress so far.
  See meeting notes for citations, and ask your ARC representative for details.

Kindergarten Meeting Notes