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Educational Services is committed to facilitating learners who intentionally grow through the application of a full range of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) consistently across all subject areas.

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VESD Benchmark Assessments

The District-wide Benchmark window for all students K-6 in ELA and Math is set for February 16-March 12, 2021.  

Details for your grade level are located in the revised VESD Benchmark Assessment Guide (click the link to access).  Please feel free to reach out to your principal, OSICC, or Support Specialist with any questions as well.

VESD Distance Learning Power Standards

This year, VESD will be measuring student progress through power standards.  These standards were derived through a research-backed formula with the input from Assessment and Reporting Committee teachers.  Check out the links below for a full breakdown of the standards.

VESD Math Power Standards

VESD Math Power Standards (grayscale for printing)

VESD ELA Power Standards

VESD ELA Power Standards (grayscale for printing)

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